Now more than ever, companies are demanding dynamic services in the field of executive search and recruitment; they require the utmost professionalism and precision, and the very highest quality standards to attract the most suitable professionals and executives.

TalentBrokers offers a range of services in the search, evaluation and selection of the very best professionals.

Our value is to reach the professional whose experience, skills and training make them stand out above the rest. These profiles are sometimes visible but protected in rival companies, or tucked away in a position that does not let them shine. We attract these visible gems to a new project that they were not looking for; we identify the treasures hidden in the sand, as well as those rough diamonds that need polishing, wherever they may be. Our consultants search for, identify and attract those professionals on the companies’ behalf, until these treasures are ready to take on a new challenge.


1. Executive search and recruiting

TalentBrokers works for multinationals in Europe and the U.S.A. to identify and attract executives for positions of Country Managers, General Management, Operations Managers, Plant Managers, Department or Business Unit Managers for different sectors: industry, energy, consumer, ICT, professional services, among others.

2. Professional selection

TalentBrokers offers its services mainly to multinationals in Europe and the U.S.A. We identify and attract those professionals with more complex positions, those that are most highly valued for their excellence, expertise, capacity to generate the best results, other skills (such as specific technical knowledge), languages or professional abilities that make them stand out above the rest.

As an external trusted advisor, we can help to strengthen professional teams and advise on the compatibility of professionals with the business culture and leadership style in question. Our value is to monitor, recognise, attract and develop the very best talent for our clients.

3. Individual Professional and Personal Marketing for Professionals and Executives during the transition period

Due to its increasing demand, we have included a service for professionals who want personal preparation to be able to improve their position in the market, who require professional guidance and advice, and preparation to be successful in the processes of selection and evaluation of external and internal executives from their own company in order to steer their careers in the right direction, or to optimise their promotion possibilities.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the search and selection of executives and professionals on an international scale, they specialise in Personal Development in order to prepare these professionals for their professional launch, repositioning or promotion.

4. Assessment Centre for group and individual assessment and selection

We assess professionals in groups or on an individual basis. We design assessment tests to meet the specific needs and objectives of the company, in order to analyse the performance of the target professionals in typical situations that would be part of their everyday professional life in that company, enabling us to compare different professionals and observe their progress and ability to make decisions in the same situations, as well as their ability to work as part of a team, their commercial or analytical skills in practice.

Our external assessment of several professionals from one firm may be the ideal instrument to determine which person is the most suitable for promotion, which gives the process the external objectivity of an expert, it legitimises the choice of one out of all the candidates that were assessed, as it is based on an in-depth and objective comparison. These treasures might be hidden away in their own office, and be so hard to find that they might as well be on a desert island.

5. Intercultural training in groups or on an individual basis

Workshops and training activities for teams with specific needs; for positions that require communication between different cultures: to maximise motivation and brand identification for international groups or teams, are an example of some typical objectives.

We provide support for expatriate executives to facilitate their integration and improve their communication in another country: in relevant positions, these skills mean results and may avoid expensive misunderstandings, or in terms of a personal investment by an executive who is moving to another country, they are a way to help him or her to integrate in a new professional and personal arena.

The activities will be designed to meet the specific needs and profiles for each case.

6. Interim Management

We provide top executives who specialise in leading specific challenges with particular problems, challenges that require the services of a professional for a set period of time, ranging from 3 months to 2 years, essentially for General Management positions, Plant Management, Export Managers for the purposes of opening new markets, or Human Resources Managers.